Directors & Committees

The Board is elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting each year. The Board appoints five working committees to assist in the conducting of the business of the Association. These committees have their own identity, yearly workplans and are responsible to the Board.

The Board 2018

Darrin McNally & Simon Joannou: President
Stuart Macrow: Secretary
Brownyn Rust, Vera Van Der Velde, Jackie Maxted, Amanda Hood,
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The Committees

Teachers Committee

Darrin McNally: Chairperson, Simon Joannou, Stuart Macrow, Bronwyn Rust, Amanda Hood
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General Members Committee

Jackie Maxted, Vera Van Der Velde
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Certification Committee

Pixie Lillas: Chairperson, Marina Jung, Alan Goode, Kay Parry, Bertha Shakinovsky
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Communication and Marketing 

Corina Schurmann
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Ethics & Certification Mark Committee

Julie Hodges, Robyn Adler, Amanda Hood, Chris Lalor, Alan Goode (senior teacher advisor)
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Events Committee

Neesh Wray: Chairperson, Anita Del Testa, Berenice Franklin.
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Finance Management & Compliance Matters

Nikki Kirkman: Finance, David Spiller: Treasurer, Stuart Macrow: Secretary
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The President is an ex-officio member of each committee.

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