To apply and sit for assessment, whether it be an Introductory Level or at a senior level, a teacher must adhere to certain criteria. The Teachers Certification Handbook gives comprehensive detail regarding the process.

The assessment process, based on the experience and observations of senior teachers, evaluates whether or not candidates are ready to teach at the level for which they have applied.

Candidates, at each level, are assessed on their personal practice, their teaching skills and knowledge of theory and philosophy of yoga. At assessment the qualified assessors evaluate the practice and teaching of asanas of each candidate.

Assessments are usually scheduled at least twice yearly in Sydney and Melbourne and in other areas, depending on applicant numbers. Usually the assessment is conducted over a weekend and participants are required to be available from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening. The schedule for the assessment (arrival time, time of asana practice, when the candidate will be teaching, time for feedback, etc) is sent to each candidate by the Assessment Co-ordinator approximately four (4) weeks before the assessment.

Certified teachers and registered trainees can use their login to access the teachers and trainees area of this website. Detailed information on the assessment process, on certification, on insurance and other updates are viewable on these pages.

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