Ethical Guidelines

‘Iyengar Yoga Australia has a Teachers Code of Conduct and policies on bullying and harassment along with a Complaint Handling Procedure that prohibits violence, abuse, bullying, harassment. 

Iyengar Yoga Australia upholds the Yamas and Niyamas in its handling of students and its dealings with teachers and the public.’


The Australian Ethical Guidelines were first published in 2005.

In 2018 Iyengar Yoga Australia (IYA) set up a working party within the Ethics and Certification Mark Committee (ECMC) to review and update these processes as it was felt that further clarity was needed as well as the inclusion of a Bullying and Harassment policy.


The working party took the following steps.

  1. Held a public meeting at the AGM in November 2018 in Sydney
  2. Sought submissions from the membership
  3. Reviewed the processes of other Iyengar Yoga Associations worldwide.
  4. The working party consulted a Barrister, who specializes in representing people who are subject of disciplinary proceedings. He agreed to help draft and update our existing Teachers Code of Conduct, Complaints Handling Procedure Harassment, and write the new Bullying, And Discrimination Policy. He is also a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher.
  5. Consultations also included a member who works for CASA (Centre Against Sexual Assault) and is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher.
  6. The draft documents were presented to the annual All Assessors meeting in February and were endorsed by the Board and received approval from the Certification Committee.


Further Considerations

  • The ECMC believe the documents are clear, easy to understand and systematic. The documents provide IYA with an up-to-date and informed by best practice set of policy and procedures to deal with the matters discussed.
  • Institutions like governments, churches and welfare bodies are currently under enormous public scrutiny because they have a history of keeping their response to allegations of misconduct by people within their organisations a secret. There is a strong argument that the CHP should not only be a fair process, it should be seen to be a transparently fair process. It is best practice for any professional association or business to have clear Ethical Documents and guidelines which not only guide the standards of behaviours within their organisations, but also provide clear pathways for any complaints to be resolved should the need arise.
  • It is essential that all teachers and teacher trainees are familiar with the content of all three of these documents.
  • As these documents are now applicable not only to Certified Teacher but also to all Teacher Trainees, it is essential for ALL Teacher Trainers to make their trainees aware of these documents.
  • The experts consulted have advised that there is a place for education (e.g. online or otherwise) about such matters. Such education will be developed and implemented in 2019-20


IYA – Teachers’ Code of Conduct
IYA – Harassment, Bullying & Discrimination Policy
IYA – Complaints Handling Procedure
IYA – Statement of Ideals
IYA – Making a Complaint Information 

IYA – Complaints Form against a Teacher
IYA – Appeal against a Complaints Handling Procedure Decision



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