Hepburn Springs Boutique Retreat


with Bronwyn Rust
Junior Intermediate 3

Going on retreat is a conscious well-being decision. Retreats provide the opportunity to reflect, pause, refresh. They allow us to step out of the demands and daily chaos of life and simply be with whatever comes up. They nurture and replenish the very depths of our soul. Anyone who regularly goes on retreat will attest to the importance of giving ourselves this opportunity. And for many, it becomes a non-negotiable.

This Yogaville retreat has been carefully curated so you don’t need to think about a thing. All yoga (up to three times a day), brunch, afternoon snack, 2 course dinners and stunning boutique accomodation is included. The accomodation is a lovely property allowing everyone to have their own room and ensuite bathroom, so you can really take time for yourself.

We will have exclusive use of this fantastic property on the river in a quiet section of Hepburn Springs. It is also only a short walk to the world renowned Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa. There is a spa room on site too allowing you to access in-house massage or spa treatments (at your own cost) meaning you don’t ever have to leave if you don’t want to. The property has plenty of spaces to sit and reflect - lounge areas, verandahs and a gorgeous garden with firepit.


Grande Hotel
1 Church Ave
Hepburn Springs
Victoria 3461

Booking & Contact

Bronwyn Rust phone 0407 811 148

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