Yogaha Ubud Bali Intensive / Retreat


with James Bahuth
Senior Intermediate 1

Comprising of TWO five day weeks, the annual Bali Yoga Intensive is open to all those with at least 6 months yoga experience.

Week 1: 25 - 29 May 2020 (Monday - Friday)

The first week is open to students with at least 6 months experience and open to receiving a teaching format.

3 sessions a day:

  • Mornings - Pranayama 7:30-8:30am / Asana (Dynamic) 9-11am
  • Afternoons - Inversions/Forward bends 4-6pm

Fee - $700

Week 2: 1 - 5 June 2020 (Monday - Friday)

The second week is open to students & teachers developing and maintaining a personal practice. Typically the emphasis is on exploring sequences suitable to your body, age, experience, etc. Afternoons are dedicated to a personal practice of inversions, forward bends & supported backbends with no formal teaching.

4 sessions a day:

  • Mornings - Sitting:Meditation 6:45-7:30am / Pranayama 7:30-8:30am / Asana (Dynamic) 9-11/11:30am
  • Afternoons - Inversions / self practice 4-6pm

Fee - $700

Airfares, transfers and accommodation are to be organised individually by participants. Arrival is recommended a few days (1 day at least) in advance of classes, to help students acclimatise.


Santra Putra
Ubud Bali

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phone 0417 352 051

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