Ongoing Teacher Development

BKS Iyengar developed his method of yoga through a lifelong process of study through practice and exploration. Iyengar Yoga teachers around the world proceed in this spirit, engaging in ongoing professional development as part of their teaching responsibilities in order to consistently impart deep knowledge to their students. Through regular conferences and professional development opportunities, the IYA provides a range of social, cultural and educational services for our teaching community.

It is not a question of learning yoga, it is a question of experiencing because yoga has no end; it has only a beginning.

Geeta Iyengar

What does professional development involve?

Professional development through a qualified experienced Iyengar Yoga teacher is a vital part of an Iyengar Yoga teacher’s ongoing learning. Engagement with other teachers in a workshop or retreat setting provides opportunities to enrich your personal yoga practice and professional teaching skills. Iyengar yoga teachers are required to complete a minimum of 20 hours of ongoing teacher development conducted by a senior teacher.

Why is professional development important? Why should I do it?

As an Iyengar Yoga teacher, professional development keeps you fresh, inspired and accountable. The Iyengar method of yoga is dynamic and multi-faceted – there is always something new to learn. Part of your role as an Iyengar Yoga teacher is aimed at helping your students deepen their understanding of the practice. It is therefore essential that you have opportunities to engage in an ongoing learning process yourself.

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