Please help—Australian Bush Fire Emergency

Australia is in a state of emergency with catastrophic fire conditions across most of the country. Most of these fires have been burning since September last year.

The destruction of land, animal habitat & life, homes and human lives is beyond comprehension.

More than 14.5 million acres (6 million hectares) of native flora have been decimated—thousands of homes and building structures destroyed, an estimated half a billion animals have been wiped out—human lifes lost and there is no end in sight. The fire perimeter is more than 10’000 (16’000km) miles long—that is nearly the distance from Sydney to London.

As a comparison, the fires currently burning in Australia are three times the area of the 2018 California fires and six times the size of the Amazon fires in 2019. Help is much needed.

For those wishing to support, below links to organisations taking donations to provide relief efforts. Every little bit counts.

— Victorian Bushfire Appeal

— Red Cross

— Bushfire Disaster Appeal



— Salvation Army Disaster Relief

— Wildlife Victoria

— Foodbank

— Givit

— Wires Australian Wildelife Rescue Organisation

— WWF Australia

Our thoughts and hearts are with everyone affected by the fires and all the fire rescue out there protecting life and land. Stay safe.

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