Why attend a Workshop or Retreat

Taking time out of the routine of daily life to focus on yoga can be a great way to develop your skills and knowledge in a unique environment. Workshops and retreats offer the chance to deepen your yoga practice and connect with other students and teachers who share a passion for Iyengar Yoga.

Inside us is there is a universe. Outside there is just a world.

— Prashant Iyengar

What are retreats?

Iyengar Yoga retreats generally run from three to 10 days at various locations around the world. The cost of a retreat usually includes accommodation and food. Schedules vary, depending on the teacher or school running the retreat, but you can typically expect a minimum of one asana and one pranayama class each day.

Who goes to a retreat?

A wide range of people of all levels of experience and ages attend yoga retreats, from beginners to experienced practitioners. The level of practice required to attend varies, based on the kind of retreat it is and who is running it. If you are interested in attending a retreat, be sure to make contact with the school or teacher first.

What can I expect when I go to a retreat? What will I learn?

At an Iyengar Yoga retreat, you always learn something new. Sometimes this is simply a result of being taken out of your comfort zone or away from the responsibilities of your daily life. Sometimes it is a result of the focus of a specific retreat, which allows you to deepen your knowledge of a particular area of asana or pranayama. Although retreat schedules vary, you can generally expect one yoga class in the morning and another towards the end of the day. These classes tend to be structured to ensure you experience a mix of asana and pranayama.

Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI)

The Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI) welcomes students and teachers of Iyengar Yoga from all around the world. It was established on 19 January 1975 in Pune, Maharashtra, and was the home and practice hall of BKS Iyengar during his lifetime. The RIMYI is a popular place of pilgrimage for Iyengar Yoga students, offering classes, workshops and educational seminars run by the Iyengar family.

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