Teacher Certification

IYA is responsible for maintaining industry-leading standards in the teaching of Iyengar Yoga in Australia through its Certification Committee. Our Teacher Training and certification procedures have been established and refined over many years under the guidance of BKS Iyengar, and we undertake regular assessments—from Introductory to Senior levels—for those wishing to teach in the Iyengar method. Assessments usually take place in May and October each year.

We are missing the gold if we do asanas as a physical practice only.

— Geeta Iyengar

What are the certification levels?

The five levels of certification are: · Introductory · Intermediate Junior (Levels I, II and III) · Intermediate Senior (Levels I, II and III) · Advanced Junior (Levels I, II and III) · Advanced Senior (Levels I, II)

An Introductory level certification allows you to teach as a recognised Iyengar Yoga teacher and make use of the Iyengar Certification Mark. To sit for this assessment, you must have completed at least 300 hours of Teacher Training and 100 hours of assisting, adjusting and teaching students. If you pass this level, you will be awarded a teaching certificate and will be eligible to join the IYA as a Teacher member.

Higher levels of certification allow teachers to become Teacher Trainers and continue their education by studying with senior teachers and attending classes at the RIMYI. This ongoing learning is part of a teacher’s commitment to Iyengar Yoga and, as such, teachers are required to renew their Certification Mark Licence and maintain the currency of their certificate each year.

What is the certification process?

Each of the levels of certification has a specific syllabus of asana and pranayama. In order to pass, a teacher must meet the standard of practice and teaching appropriate for the level, as decided by the Certification Committee. There is also a written component, which must be submitted with your application prior to sitting for assessment.

If you are interested in going for certification, the first step is to discuss this with your Teacher Trainer, with a view to making an application. Levels above Senior Intermediate 2 are assessed by the Iyengar family in Pune.

What is the Certification Mark?

The Iyengar Certification Mark is the logo that pictures Yogacharya BKS Iyengar in Natarajasana in front of an outline of the RIMYI. The use of this mark by a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher demonstrates authenticity and commitment to the Iyengar system. All teachers who obtain an Introductory level certificate must have a licence to use the mark. The Iyengar Certification Mark has been registered by the Trade Marks Office and is granted to those teachers who have been trained, assessed and accredited by a qualified assessing committee, operating under the Certification Committee. It was the wish of BKS Iyengar that the mark be used by all certified teachers worldwide as an international symbol of the highest standards of excellence in training and continuing education in the Iyengar method.

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