7 Day Yoga Retreat Woodgate Beach QLD


with Polly Realf
Level 3

The retreat commences with a restorative class on Sunday 16 July at 4.30pm. The retreat closes at 12 midday on Sunday 23 July. The 6 full days and the 2 half days give the routine needed to establish us in a lifestyle rythm where practice is central and defined. We travel a path that delivers us to what is meaningful.

The science and philosophy of classical (Raja) yoga, as taught by BKS Iyengar, is embedded within each class. The practice experience becomes richer and deeper and the intrigue of inner peace is felt.. like a magnet that draws us toward authenticity.

Other than breakfast, which is served ocean side after sunrise meditation, all meals are served onsite at the yoga studio (Anam Cara studio) by our private chef. All meals are vegan.

Accommodation can be arranged in a near by holiday house. Cost from $45 per night.


Anam Cara Studio
80 Acacia Street
Woodgate Qld 4660

Booking & Contact

The Hervey Bay School of Yoga
0418 480 625

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