Mid Year Assessment Results — May & June 2021

Congratulations to all the teachers successfully passing our Mid Year Assessments in May & June 2021.

Introductory Level Assessment 14-16 May 2021

Andy Taylor, Denise McKertich, Amrit Kendrick, Denise Kerr, Samantha Williams, Anna Mowbray, Sue O’Callaghan, Natalie Campbell, Madison Chippendale, Kim Gibson, Nicole Komalarajun, Tony K Chan, Abby Tutchen, Angela Caskey, Elizabeth Raikes, Nadine Riethmuller, Kristy Wilson, Elia Green, Emma Hamill & Sylvia Simic

Introductory Level Assessment 25-27 May 2021

Louisa Duckett, Juliana Portolesi, Suzanne Waplington, Debra Raboteg, Arianna Piazza, Hannah Vermeesch, Yvette Crispin, Megan Brock, Florence Chiew, Yuki McCaskill, Carla Pasqualini, Nicholas Horrell, Molly Murn, Joanne Hedt, Casey Willoughby & Catherine Liddy

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